Art history meme - 3/9 paintings - Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth (1948).

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"If men are honest, everything they do and everywhere they went was for a chance to see women. A lot of me being an actor was about that, and about me" - Jack Nicholson

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Lucille Ball wearing her 40 carat aquamarine engagement ring, a cushion-cut diamond on a thin gold band.


Badlands (1973), Terrence Malick 

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Jack Nicholson, Jessica Lange introducing their movie “The Postman Always Rings Twice” at Cannes Film Festival in 1981 in Cannes, France.

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Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward photographed by Lawrence Schiller in Los Angeles, 1967

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Buongiorno, principessa!

Anne Bancroft in London, 1969.

Stevie Nicks photographed by Bob West,1978.

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